Rakonto: Creating Deeper Connection Through Stories

Jul 20, 2022 | B2C, Rakonto for people

Stories connect us. Stories foster community. Stories create understanding.

While the world goes online, people are looking to connect in more meaningful ways. We think making deeper connections comes from our stories.

Everyone has a story. We come from many walks of life, from different places, ages, and experiences and we all have our own special stories to tell that make us all unique and interesting.

Rakonto is a platform that allows you to record and share stories so you can foster deeper connections with the ones who matter to you.

Individuals and families can share memories, preserve new moments, or pass knowledge to a future generation.

Businesses can capture in-the-moment audience experiences at a special event, make testimonials more engaging, even enrich company culture through stories.

The world might be a big place, but it’s the intimate moments with each other that make it meaningful.

The benefits of sharing your story on Rakonto

Safety: One of the main difficulties we found on the ever-expanding internet is that many social media platforms where people share their stories, life events, and photos are not safe from online abuse, trolling, and negativity. We wanted to put an end to this by creating a secure platform where positive minds can relax and share their thoughts with the ones who support them.

You can also request for others to collaborate with your story so that it will have many narratives to make the story more exciting.

Legacy: We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. However, knowledge gleaned over a life can easily flow away unless it is captured and shared. Rakonto is an excellent place to pass along experiences and knowledge in a way that is captivating, personal, and more…

Engaging: Scripts are dry and almost never keep attention. When someone is telling you something spontaneously, in the moment, it’s much more interesting, draws us in, and holds our attention.

Making real, human connections is where the value is.

How Rakonto makes it easy to share stories

We are storytellers more than we are a tech company!

Our purpose is to make it easier for people and businesses to use stories to make deeper connections. Here’s how we made it easy for you to get started:

  1. Create a free account. It takes 30 seconds to do, and then all you have to do is click on a new story, and create a title for it.
  1. Unsure of what story to tell and need ideas? We have you covered with a long list of title suggestions, from wedding anniversaries to falling in love and the dumbest thing you ever did. There is guaranteed to be something there that will bring back certain memories worth sharing. And to make you feel even more comfortable, there is a video tutorial to help you on your way.
  1. Businesses, you can send a QR code that takes your story teller straight to the next step.
  1. Start talking. You can delete and start over as many times as you want, but as expert storytellers, we recommend not worrying about how you sound when you listen to your own recording (hint: everyone thinks their voice sounds strange in a recording. Trust us, you sound great!)
  1. Organize your stories into a collection where you can upload photos relevant to your story, tag people, locations, and more.


Our stories are important

Stories are essential to our lives. They give us a sense of who we are, where we come from, and where we’re going. They help us understand each other deeply. Our stories are what connect with each other in more meaningful ways.

Rakonto is the perfect place to share your story because it’s easy to use, secure, and has a community of like-minded people who understand the importance of stories.

What stories do you want to share?

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